Chinese Dumpling ( Jiaozi) is a traditional Chinese food, which are essential holidays in Northern
China. Chinese Dumpling becomes one of the most widely loved foods in the whole world, even
A lot of Foreigners. There are lots of popular old saying in China about dumpling. One of them is
好吃不过饺子, 舒服不过倒着. Hao Chi Bu Guo Jiao Zi, Shu Fu Bu Guo Dao Zhe. It means: “If you want to eat, dumpling is best. If you want to feel comfortable, sleeping will be.” Another one is 饺子就酒, 越吃越有. Jiao Zi Jiu Jiu, Yue Chi Yue You. It means: “If you eat dumpling With Chinese liquor, your future will be richer. Why Chinese dumpling becomes so popular widely? Here is a list of reasons.
Traditional in New Year’s Food
Chinese dumpling is one of the most important foods in Chinese New Year. Since the shape Of Chinese dumpling is similar to ancient gold or silver ingots, they symbolize wealth. Traditionally, the member of a family get together to make dumplings during the New Year’s Eve. They may hide a coin in one of the dumplings. The person who finds the coin will likely have a good Fortune in the New Year. Chinese dumpling is also in other Chinese holidays or festivals, so it is part of the Chinese culture or tradition.
One for all
Usually when you have Chinese dumpling for dinner or lunch, you will not have to cook anything else
Except for some big occasions. The dumpling itself is good enough for dinner. This is one of the
Advantage of Chinese dumpling over other foods, though it may take longer to make them.
Since ancient times, the spread of many dumplings for the first time. But for example : delicious dumplings, but comfortable flat; Dumplings on wine, sharpen your there. New Year eating dumplings, harmonious. Even President Bush and his wife Laura also by the Chinese side during his visit to China in 100 dumplings for dinner. This has fully demonstrated the Chinese dumplings are the traditional food culture. Therefore, not only in the domestic and dumplings also have also been widely favored. To meet the needs of overseas Chinese and foreign, Asia and the U.S. food company founded in 1976. Sunset District of San Francisco in 1426 Nuoruiga Road; 30 years the company has maintained the traditional features of the new manual and "the place" feature. Companies "quality, customer satisfaction first," for the purpose. Intense competition in the market to improve the quality of their products to survive, rely on service development. In expanding the company's reputation and influence the situation, the company has also introduced new products to meet the changing needs of our customers. Wan done for the public, "dumplings, noodles, dim sum in Shanghai good neighbors. "In a time when market competition is so fierce, Chinese dumplings deeply love for Asia and the United States.
Armenian food companies used to purchase fresh daily from the original equipment market, the low evaporation process personally expected, The foundation is fresh and delicious dumplings. There is also the wife personally hand roll skins, plus excellent top quality, and variety selection and read, and the result dumplings Paper explosion traps, eat a top oil feeling that the burden of the above plus a dynamic, texture pole . The new manual procedures dumplings with the strict supervision from the expected settlement from the settlement areas, and from the surface of the samples, checking out Stephen cooperation indispensable. After the majority of customers testing and evaluation; Asia and the United States agreed that the dumplings with the following six features :
1, sanitation, factories, hygiene and strict compliance with provisions of California San Francisco and the "School Official Cites Use 2, fresh and delicious. dumplings with the quantitative ratio of raw material to ensure fresh foods.
3, a beggar eat oil, the end of the evaporation process various materials personally, you feel oil (not oil) and not greasy, texture and Shannon.
4 face the burden of a tendon, a special screening and the ratio of flour to face the burden of dynamic, strong teeth to chew jin, flexibility, not hard, excellent taste "Organization Department Holds Press Conference 5, pretty attractive, professional instructors, professional standards, professional play professional performance.
6, convenience and portability, convenience store, easy to cook, fry, bake.
In addition to dumplings, the company has also produced wonton, assorted fried dumpling, tiao. Leek box and multi-beef pies. Comprehensive on features; Armenian food companies worthy of the northern noodle "dumplings country," said renowned Bay Area.
Besides North pasta, and Shanghai dim sum. Accredited its figures from the Shanghai municipal government 66 charge. Figures for the years of service in Shanghai. She personally produced by the Crystal Shangbao, the radish cake, red bean paste biscuit, crab imperial, Shanghai only wonton, assorted Zhengjia, exquisitely tasteful, also a gourmet home.
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