Pot Sticker
Muti-layer Beef Pancake
Won Ton
Steamed Bun
Green Chives Pancake
Onion Pancake
Marinated Steamed Bao
Raddish Cake
Won Ton
Pot Sticker
Pork with vegetable Bun or Vegetarian Bun
Bean Paste Crispy Cake
Shanghai style sweet or salty Donut)


Pot Sticker: Put several drops of oil and pot sticker in first. Second put 2/3 water in
the pot. Turn fire into big. After 10 minutes, get rid of all remaining water. Then change to
small fire And drop a little oil around the pot sticker. It takes about 3-4 minutes to cook it don. After that, The crispy and brown color pot sticker is already