Pot Sticker
Muti-layer Beef Pancake
Won Ton
Steamed Bun
Green Chives Pancake
Onion Pancake
Marinated Steamed Bao
Raddish Cake
Won Ton
Pot Sticker
Pork with vegetable Bun or Vegetarian Bun
Bean Paste Crispy Cake
Shanghai style sweet or salty Donut)


Won Ton: Put suitable the water with some chicken broth. After it boil, put in Won Ton
and stir it until Won Ton go up. Keep it boiling 7-8 minutes and it will be done.
Take it out and eat it with soup. Option: Prepare some dry shrimp skin, seaweed, and
a little bit cilantro with Won Ton and soup together, and put several drops of soy sauce
and sesame oil. It will be perfect for breakfast.